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About Mentor

1. We are a team of Life Insurance professionals with 15 to 25 years of rich experience and we recruit, train, mentor and support LIC advisors and help them achieve their goals and realize their dreams.

2. Currently we are operating across Nayagarh, Khurdha and Bhubaneswar and mentor nearly 300 plus agents in these branches including 25 centurians , 50 plus half centurians , one COT , 8 MDRTs, three galaxy club members and many more club members.
About Mentor
About Mentor

Life Insurance

You take good care of your family. provide them with good food, clothing, education and the best of everything.

Health Insurance

Health is the real wealth.No one plans to get sick or hurt, but most people require medical care at some point or the other.

Non-Life Insurance

Your home is your most precious asset. It takes lot of hardwork, money and years to build/buy your dream home.

Income Protection

Earning wealth can be difficult. Preserving your wealth for long term use can be even more difficult.


You have lived all your life with self-respect without depending on anybody. planning for your retirement.

Children's Future

As a parent, you have always tried to give the best of everything to your child.Good education is the best gift for your child.

Benefits Of Insurance Agency

Earn Unlimited Income

Earn Unlimited Income

Top LIC Agents are earning over 4 Crores yearly.You too can earn as much as you want. There is no limit.

Interest Free Advance

Interest Free Advance

LIC offers interest Free Advance For Car, House, Office, Computer, Marriage and Many More benefits to its club members.

Work As Per Your Time

Work As Per Your Time

You have complete freedom to choose your work timings unlike regular jobs which have a fixed timing.

Be Your Own Boss

Be Your Own Boss

Become The Employer Not The Employee. You dont have to take instructions from anyone or work below others. You have complete freedom to work as you wish.

National & International Recognition

National & International Recognition

Apart from monetary benefits LIC also offers recognition to performing agents in the form of Club Memberships with host of benefits. Top performing agents also get international recognition in the form of MDRT/COT/TOT which is a globally known standard of excellence.

Regular & Hereditary Income

Regular & Hereditary Income

Apart from higher commission in 1st and 2nd policy year, agents are eligible to yearly commision on regular policies. This ensures regular income as long as policy is in-force. In a case of the death of an agent, the commission payable to him shall be payable to the Nominee or Legal Heir of the Agent.

Gratuity Available

Gratuity Available

LIC offers Gratuity facility to agents as a reward for long term association. It is calculated at the eligible rate for each qualifying year for the first 15 qualifying years and at half the eligible rate for the subsequent 10 qualifying years.

Regular Training Process

Regular Training Process

LIC offers full training and regular support such as:

  • 1) Professional Training through Seminars
  • 2) Sponsorship for special Training Programs
  • 3) Knowledge Dissemination of all LIC products
  • 4) Effective Selling Skills
  • 5) Innovative Marketing Strategies

Why Insurance Agency Best Career

Highest Paid Profession In The World

Highest Paid Profession In The World

Unlike other professions where your monthly income is fixed, in insurance agency business there is no such limits. You can earn as much money as you want depending on the business you do.

Earn By Help & Securing Others

Earn By Help & Securing Others

As a life insurance advisor you are not only securing a person's financial goals but also protecting a family from financial pitfalls in case of unfortunate events like death or disability due to accident. Hence it is a very noble profession.

Econonmic Development Of The Country

Economic Development Of The Country

As an LIC advisor the premium you bring in is used by LIC for socio-economic welfare and infrastructure building like bridges, dams, power plants etc. LIC is one of the biggest contributor to India's 5 year plans right from inception.

Why Choose Us LIC?

Most Trusted Service Brand By ORG-MARG Polls No. 1 In Claim Settlement

We settle 2 claims every second

Safe Investment

More than 75% of our investments are in Govt. securities/bonds & ensuring total security.

Largest Indian Life Insurance Company Managing The Largest Fund Insurance Company Servicing The Largest No Of Policies In The World Money Payable By LIC Top Policy Holders Is Guarantted By Govt. Of India

LIC Has The Record Of Providing For , Taking Care Of , Supporting & Professionalizing Its Own Agents

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LIC Agent: Ek Unchi Udan
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Be Your Own Boss, Be An lIC Agent
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